Biocompatible Hair Analysis

Biocompatible hair analysis is a scientific and clinical evaluation of a patient’s hair follicle, in order to determine an accurate health history.

The patient has his or her hair sample removed, and then sent to a laboratory for testing. This test can determine a complex health history of the patient, in the number of months (or years) available through the growth of that hair shaft. Similar to a tree, where rings appear in the trunk, the condition of a patient’s health from the proceeding months can be determined through examination and chemical analysis of the hair.

As a patient goes through various stages of health throughout the previous months (or years) the history of their health is captured through the condition of his or her hair. If a patient has undergone severe periods of stress, illness, malnutrition or has been eating foods or taking substances which affect him or her in a negative way, then this will be evidenced in the growth of the hair.

The laboratory documents all of the findings of the hair shaft, and then returns a report to the naturopath, who will follow up with the patient the results of the findings. A treatment plan that helps to improve and enhance general wellbeing and health will be recommended, and any substances or foods that have caused adverse effects in the patient will be communicated to the patient. Some foods are incompatible with a person’s biological makeup and can cause inflammation in the body, leading to illness.

Any of these foods should be eliminated from the diet of the person, and other more suitable and nourishing substitutes consumed, in order to promote health and wellbeing in the patient. At all times a naturopath focuses on improving a person’s health status, and overall quality of life. Other lifestyle recommendations may be offered, including herbs that can detoxify the body, assist in metabolic processes or health supplements given that can improve various disorders.

For example, a hair shaft may indicate that there has been a period where a patient has been severely anaemic, and not consumed enough protein. This will mean poor growth in the hair, and other chemical indicators present within the hair follicle. Following consultation with the naturopath a patient may be prescribed amino acids and iron and folate supplements in order to improve the health.

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