Chakra Puncture

Chakra Puncture is a treatment that has had its roots in esoteric wisdom, and is a form of energy healing, where super fine needles are inserted into the main energy sections of the body. The chakra points of the body are associated with various organs, and also various aspects of ourselves. If any of the chakra systems of the body are out of balance, this can manifest in various ailments.

Chakra Puncture is being used by doctors, nurses, naturopaths and other health professionals now in both traditional and mainstream medicine. It is similar in its appearance to acupuncture and other needling treatments, however it is completely different as it works on different energy systems within the body, and not along any Chinese acupuncture points along the meridians.

The seven major chakra points are located along the back of the head, and along the spine down to the sacrum, and fine needles inserted into these points help to rebalance and release energy blocks. Chakra puncture is highly regarded as a complementary healing modality, and patients who experience chakra puncture report that it helps to realign them and be more present within their own bodies.

Esoterically, the “life essence” is activated upon insertion of needles along the chakra points, creating a rebalancing of the patient, and allowing for emotional release, and return to a state of equilibrium. Patients have reported via qualitative study that they have found it an effect treatment to help enhance subjective feelings of wellbeing and promote relaxation.

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