“ My Journey with Anand today was a grounding & uplifting experience.  Anand has an amazing touch and spiritual connection, he is second to none that I have ever experienced.”  Kel.


Beautiful experience, float tank was very different and I would love to try it again.  Fantastic Body Work, will definitely return for another. 

Thank you so much”

                   Bec Campbell



          Thank you for the wonderful relaxation today with the chakras.  Really feel better..”                             Gabby

“Kerry thanks you too !”



Thank you so much.  Feel Very relaxed.”                             Jo    


Anand…Thanks so much for helping me to reach my optimum health. You are truly gifted Naturopath.

Anand All I can say is WOW !! The most amazing Acupuncture/ massage IN MY LIFE! Never have I felt the energy from Someone healing my body

AMAZING !Will definetly be back.


“Anand,                                                                  oct. 13

                Thank you so much for my weekly spiritual care.  Your yoga class is the perfect way to connect my mind and body to refresh.  Thank you”,  Heidi

“Anand, It’s my pleasure to be with you in the naturopathy consult and massage session.  It’s amazing and really relaxing.  I think I need to come with more time to get the full relaxation of the body.  Will come again.                                                            Thanks”                                                          Shoeb   


“A   very   blissful experience   Anand  !

Thankyou.”                    Aleisha



Lovely experience And a great way to De-Stress !

Thanks so much



What an accurate body analysis. You are a wonderful natural Healer-SB

“Anand An Amazing experience Totally relaxing with the Float tank then a massage

To follow.  So relaxed I was floating. Will definitely be recommending it.

          Thanks heaps”                    Gail


Thanks for bringing in relaxation through Acupuncture and helping me with IVF. My soul thanks you.



“Love the float.  Amazing feeling followed by the massage.  Feel so relaxed definitely recommend.

      Truly wonderful very relaxing   Anand.”


“Brilliant Anand, worth Every single cent.  Haven’t Felt so good for so long !!

Thank you so much.”

                             Robyn.  K



          Hands of a God So good At what you Do  see you Soon”  


“Anand, Thank you for Always bringing My body and mindRelease and calm.          Happy Birthday I am so glad you were born.”                   Heidi   


“Anand, Thank you for the peace”                              M 


Thank you Anand for a de-stressing Reflexology Session. Out of the world experience xx


“Anand, So many things I could say You make my world better” Julie


One Word…Excellent 

Reflexology session felt very relaxing. Exact match to what I was looking for and needing.

Thank you Anand Hayley Chambers


Chakra Cleansing

The Chakras Cleansing with Anand was invogorating enough, as for the last 16 years, I smoked a packet a day almost. Now I went cold turkey and has this done. I never thought I could give up ever. Now I am feeling better after the chakra cleansing session. My head doesn’t hurt , my memory is a lot clearer. I am feling a better person spritually and emotionally balanced. I would highly recommend it to anyone that generally wants not to take medication the rest of their life. Definitely try this alternative approach; it might change your life as it did mine.

He has got great healing energy

Addel-Sai Robertson



I am really enjoying the yoga sessions I have been attending.

As a result my range of movement has improved greatly.

The approach to yoga in a controlled manner is beneficial to us all.

Having experienced other teachers of this art in the Beenleigh area I find his style of teaching is better than a lot of the practicioners of the Yoga experience.

I hope all of his students are also enjoying the lessons as much as I am.

 Carmel Zeller


Indian Head massage and remedial therapy with Anand

Very Relaxing, Calm and soothing. Feeling very refreshed after the session. Most definitely recommended. The Indian head massage was melting me down. Every ounce of the massage was very relaxing.

Rachel Mansfield


Naturopathy Consult:

I really liked the way Anand’s consult is designed. He gave me an accurate Body analysis by looking into Iris. The great thing is that he works at body mind spirit level to stimulate the healing forces of the body and recommends the dietary and lifestyle changes which went a long way for me.

Dorothy Brown.



I suffered from Vertigo for three years. After two session, I started noticing the reduction in the patterns, my sleep patterns became better, and I was out of the depression after a course of 10 sittings with Dr Anand. He is the best, I feel so blessed to have found him.

Pamella Walker.